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青联学术午餐会:Intergenerational Transmission Effect of Earthquake Experience: Evidence from Risk Preference
发布时间:2022年09月19日 10:11    编辑:吕宁    点击:[]

一、讲座主题:Intergenerational Transmission Effect of Earthquake Experience: Evidence from Risk Preference    


三、主要内容:The impact of natural disasters  goes beyond the direct and short-term losses. In this paper, we focus on the ultra-long-term effects of natural disasters and examine whether earthquakes—the most unpredictable and uncontrollable disasters—have an intergenerational transmission effect on individual’s risk preferences. Exploiting a nationally representative sample restricted to children who do not experience earthquakes directly, we find that parent’s earthquake experience have a substantial positive effect on their children’s risk aversion, and the results are more prominent on the mother’s side. Credible evidence suggests that parental vertical socialization is an important mechanism contributing to the intergenerational transmission. effect.  


五、地点:腾讯会议938-729-941 密码:0922

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